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I am married with two daughters and have lived in Perth, Western Australia for the majority of my life. I grew up in a loving Christian household and my father was a church leader with a major Christian denomination. All through my childhood and young adult years I can remember saying daily prayers with my mother and father and I felt that I kept a distant God happy by going to church every Sunday with my family. Apart from the memorized daily prayers and the weekly church service, I did not give God any further thought and I certainly did not even think about ever reading any of the many Bibles around the house or praying to God on my own. Overall I felt I lived a life that was pleasing to God and my expectation was to meet Him when I died.

When I was 22 our family was severely affected by the premature death of my mother as a result of a heart attack. I had always been very close to her and with her loss the family turned to each other for support and to God. However, I found that at this time of desperate need, I felt distant from God and did not even feel that my prayers were being heard. After all the years of regular church attendance and daily prayers, I realized that I was not close to God and knew little about Him and His will.

At this point in my life I felt that if I truly believed in God there was nothing more important than coming to know Him more and living my life for Him. Having always lived in a strongly Christian household I had never really committed my life to God and decided that I had to specifically do this. From that point I embarked on a journey of coming to know Him, understanding His will and living a Christian life to the best of my knowledge and ability. I was determined to try to do the best I could to live the life God wanted me to live and hold God to the promises He had made in the Bible. I started to read my Bible daily, attended church and prayer meetings a few times each week, said daily prayers, listened to music with a Christian message and also began reading books about the Christian life. Shortly after, God led me in a very clear way to meet a lady who became my wife.

That commitment to God started a spiritual journey which I have been on for over 30 years. What I have discovered is that I had known very little about God and living the Christian life even though I had a strong Christian background. I found that God will draw near to all those who truly hunger for Him, is continually faithful to His promises and will become a loving heavenly Father to all who turn to Him with all their heart. I found that the life that God wants each of us to live is very different to the life I had been living as a young church going adult. The new life I discovered I have called the Christian Spiritual Life and I have written about it in my teaching and in a book titled Christian Spiritual Life which is available in the "Teaching" area.

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